Francis Terry visit to Dallas and Fort Worth

Francis has recently attended the American Institute of Classical Architecture's (ICAA) board retreat in Dallas, Texas. This was a great opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with the most eminent classical architects of America.

As part of the event Francis carried out a large architectural drawing, over the course of a day, with fellow architects, Larry Boerder and Daniel Heath. In the spirit of bringing art to the people, the drawing was done in a Dallas shopping mall accompanied by a harpist. The inspiration for the image was a Panini Capriccio and rendered in charcoal. This event was filmed and has been made in to a video, seen here.

On the final day of the retreat, there was a tour of Fort Worth to see the incredible work carried out to rejuvenate the town centre. Like many American towns, the centre had been neglected as cars pushed the life of the town out to the suburbs. By the '80s the downtown area had become hostile and unpleasant. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Bass family, and the vision of David Schwartz Architects, the town centre has had a magnificent renaissance, focused around the newly formed Sundance Square - see link.

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