• Glad to be Pastiche and other essays

    Francis Terry

    Glad to be Pastiche is a collection of short essays about architecture by Francis Terry, originally published on his blog. The subjects range from reflections on living in Washington D.C, to memories of his tutor Dalibor Vesely, as well as more academic studies, like his observations of English Palladian detailing. All the essays are written with a certain degree of humour reflecting Francis’ unconventional way of seeing the world.

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  • The Practice of Classical Architecture: The Architecture of Quinlan and Francis Terry, 2005-2015

    David Watkin

    Quinlan and Francis Terry are both architects who specialise in new classical architecture. Together, they are at the heart of a resurgent interest in an architecture and design that is both liveable and inspiring. Their work is a delightful expression-in plaster and marble, in brick and wood, in stone-of exuberant timelessness, where fluted columns rise beside doorways to explode in Corinthian capitals of exquisite craftsmanship and structural integrity. Throughout the work, attention to detail, to craftsmanship, and to reasoned proportions is apparent. They are at home in every traditional style, from Classical Greek and Roman to the many forms of Gothic and Renaissance. Francis is recognised as a brilliant talent in his own right and is as highly regarded for his thoughtful design as for his breath taking architectural drawings. This book showcases more than forty of his master drawings, renderings that are at once beautiful and expressive of one of the highest aims of architecture - they elevate the soul - much like the houses and spaces built by the duo.

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