Watch your project come to life in front of you

Struggling to find an architect?

Choosing the right architectural practice for your project can feel like an enormous decision. Meetings and telephone discussions can only tell you so much. We prefer to show you, during what we call a Taster Day.

Your time is precious - and no doubt short. This is why the agenda for our Taster Day is modelled around the output you would like from the day. You’ll have the opportunity to work with Francis Terry who will draw out your project in front of you - demonstrating his ability to develop a proposal that meets your wishes and needs.

As well as furthering your design, you will get an insight into our working method and see if we are the right firm for you. Team communication and rapport with your architect is critical to the success of any project. The Taster Day will give you a glimpse into how your project would run - should you choose Francis Terry & Associates.


A Taster Day to fit your schedule

Francis will get in touch to schedule the session at a time that fits best into your schedule.


    at your home or office

    Francis Terry will come to your home, office or site and start developing the bones of your scheme with you.

    10am - 4pm


    Excluding VAT and expenses

Examples of Taster Day Sketches

The sketches below were all drawn over the course of a day with a new client.

Take home your drawings

At the end of the Taster Day, the drawings will be yours to keep and you will be free to develop them into a building, with or without our further assistance. There is no further financial commitment.

The Value of the Francis Terry Taster Day

“The taster day was a great way to get to know Francis and develop a scheme quickly without any ongoing financial commitment. Like most clients, our requirements are very particular and Francis’s ability to draw a design in front of us allowed us to ensure we developed a proposal which satisfied our needs.”
- Private Client

Book a Taster Day

Phone: 01206 580528

Email: [email protected]

These prices assume the property is in the UK. The office will happily take on work overseas – please contact us to discuss.