Francis Terry and Create Streets has been working with Save the Sutton Estate on their campaign to stop the demolition of their estate in Chelsea. Create Streets with our assistance produced a feasibility study to demonstrate the range of possibilities for improving the Sutton Estate in Chelsea whilst increasing the number of homes on it.

Save The Sutton Estate have been campaigning to prevent the demolition of the estate. This campaign was created in response to a planning application submitted by Affinity Sutton (now Clarion) in 2015 which looked to reduce both the number of social housing homes and the overall number of homes on the estate.

Create Streets work involved organising a co-design workshop, attended by local residents and local councillors, and then, together with Francis Terry and a professional team, working up the outcomes into a study that demonstrates that there are several possibilities to improving the Sutton Estate which do not involve wide scale demolition and which could increase both total housing and total affordable or social housing. The work has been supported by all three parties locally.

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