Following in the footsteps of many architects before him, Francis Terry has applied his training, experience and taste to the challenging task of designing a chair. Like his buildings, the new chair is a modern reworking of Georgian precedents and designed for the contemporary kitchen/dining room.

This has been a very personal project for Francis, based on a real need.

“I decided to design a chair because I could not find a suitable one to go in our kitchen. We don’t have a formal dining room and when we have people over for supper, like most people nowadays, we eat in the kitchen. We found that all the suitable chairs were either ugly yet comfortable or attractive yet uncomfortable. The best chairs were actually Georgian dining room chairs which despite being both beautiful and comfortable were completely the wrong look for a contemporary kitchen. So I set about designing a new chair which blends the Georgian form with modern aesthetics.”

The frame is constructed from ash and the cushion is upholstered in the traditional way using horse hair and cotton wadding, covered in Harris Tweed.

The chairs are currently being made by local furniture makers and upholsterers in small batches supervised by Francis Terry and Associates. If you would like to order one or a set, please get in touch with the office at [email protected] or call us on 01206 580528.

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