West Ken Gibbs Green is a community led group who have been fighting for the right to remain in their homes for many years.

In 2013, permission was given for the area around Lillie Road to be redeveloped, which involved a large part of the neighbourhood being demolished and residents being moved.

Local residents were not consulted about how to improve the area to suit their needs whilst allowing for additional housing. There was a lot of acrimony between them, the local council and the developers.

Despite demolition work commencing in 2013, and many business properties being boarded up, changes in political and economical areas meant it was unviable for the redevelopments to continue as originally planned.

The residents launched ‘The People’s Plan’ proposing a community ownership of the estates as an alternative landlord to the council in order to build up to 250 new homes in the existing estates and have more control.

Shops and pubs that had been earmarked for demolition and boarded up have been redecorated and reopened, bringing hope that the local area will stay.

Francis sat with the residents, a sustainability consultant and master planners. This workshop generated schemes which reflected the community ideas and knowledge of the site, helping to fully visualise their aspirations for the neighbourhood.

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