Aaron Eagle’s talent for drawing is a hugely important asset for Francis Terry and Associates, but what really sets him apart is his knowledge across every area of a project. In the office or out on site. In planning or construction. Wherever Aaron is required, he brings an unrelenting attention to detail, technical accuracy and – above all else – a critical eye that’s always focused on practicalities. After all, architecture isn’t just about what buildings look like, but also how they work, how they’re designed and delivered. Aaron has a talent for seeing through each client's’ eyes.

For Aaron, there’s no such thing as a typical day. One morning may see him preparing detailed construction drawings for a new building. The afternoon could be spent on the phone, making fast decisions and answering queries from the site. Another could mean handling new additions to a project that need planning drawings in order to seek planning permission.

Through it all though, one thing is constant: Aaron’s focus, talent, and deep understanding – not only of classical architecture, but the clients themselves. Aaron acts as an advocate for our clients at every stage, ensuring their requirements are reflected in every decision made and ultimately, the build.

“We work closely with clients, so we know quickly understand what their eye is like. We know what they’ll see and what they’ll like. Yesterday, I had a call from a site about some timber pilasters that didn’t quite sit flat against a wall. It’s something not everybody would notice but because we understand our clients so well we can decide whether it needs to be changed and, if so, how. When someone calls with a query, you need to step into the client’s shoes and consider what they would want it to be like.”

For over more than a decade working with Francis Terry, Aaron has worked on a wide range of projects from classical London houses to estates. In that time, he’s amassed experience and insight right along the architectural process, from the earliest drawings to overseeing construction. However, it’s the practicalities of construction that Aaron finds most engaging.

“I prefer doing construction drawings. Once Francis has come up with his scheme, it’s turned into detailed drawings that the builder will be working from. So there’s just that involvement of making something work - right down to an individual staircase, everything has to be there. It’s an opportunity to use all our knowledge of construction and what our clients want. The payoff is visiting site and the satisfaction that comes from seeing something I’ve drawn turned into a building.”

With an enthusiasm for turning a strong vision into a tangible, lasting landmark, joining FTA was an easy choice.

“When Francis told me about his plans for Francis Terry & Associates, I just thought it sounded great. Architecture is all about creating and this is a real opportunity to be involved in making something great.”

About Aaron Eagle

Associate, Francis Terry and Associates

After achieving a CHE in Construction Management and an NC in Building and Construction, Aaron starting as a Junior Draftsman working alongside Francis in 2005. Since then, Aaron has gone on to build rich, varied experience in construction drawing and a wide range of architectural disciplines.

Continuing a relationship that has lasted more than a decade, Aaron plays a key role at FTA, where he combines his attention to detail with practical knowledge about every aspect of construction.

Project Contribution

  • Planning: Working drawings for planning applications and tenders
  • Construction: Construction drawings, project management