No two days are ever the same for Bethany but in every endeavour her meticulous attention to detail remains a constant.

From structural details to joinery schedules, Bethany carefully considers every piece of information in her drawings – not just for period accuracy but against the needs and tastes of the clients. It is this accuracy in all areas that ensures the details of a project work seamlessly together to create buildings and experiences that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Bethany is passionate about classical architecture, not just for its beautiful façades but the stories that lie beneath every detail. It’s an interest that stems from childhood. Bethany’s adoration for architecture has continued throughout her personal and professional life.

Bethany relishes in the small-yet-significant details regarding all aspects of a projects design. Drawing, refining, and constantly questioning ‘Why?’ aids in the design process of an interior and/or exterior.

This attention to detail will see why a given corner of a room needed a certain finish or why a certain fireplace was the perfect fit for a space. Her understanding of the client needs and what is required from an interior space is the foundation of how she facilitates in bringing a building to life.

“I draw the internal plans and elevations ready for an interior designer to add the final details. Due to my background in Interior Architecture and Design, I work alongside the Interior designers to ensure that everything proposed, from fireplaces, ironmongery, sanitaryware etc. is both functional and practical for the space, but most importantly ensuring everything meets the client’s needs.”

Often, Bethany’s work will involve finding a balance between the character of a room, the desires of a client and the reality of applying both of those idea to the plan successfully. It is about understanding what a client wants, what a supplier is proposing and where the two can meet in the middle. While it is not always an easy task, the challenge is what drives Bethany.

“I love art, drawing and painting, I’m quite creative. I have such an appetite for learning more about every facet of what we do. Luckily, I’m part of an incredible team, everyone knows everything they need to know which is amazing. I’ve been able to learn the whole story and rationale behind every decision. I’ve been extremely lucky.”

For Bethany, a passion to learn and improve is the perfect reflection of the architectural process, in some cases a single drawing could be revised more than 40 times from preliminary stage to tender to construction.

“A building comes to life slowly over time and you’re constantly thinking, learning, developing. I came from a job where blocks had been drawn up for you and it was just a case of slotting everything into place. That wasn’t for me. Here, working for Francis Terry and Associates its exciting, there’s something new every day. Every project is completely different, every room within a building has its own character, its own function. I’m never at a loss of what to do.”

About Bethany Couch

Architectural Technician, Francis Terry & Associates

After studying commercial and residential design as a foundation degree, Bethany furthered her education at Writtle School of Design where she obtained a degree in Interior Architecture and Design in 2014.

Bethany then drew on her growing range of interior and architectural knowledge as a technician at Retail Design Solutions, before beginning to work with Francis in 2015.

Project Contribution

  • Planning: all aspects of architectural drawing , interior design