Jo Bunch’s job title may say Office Manager, but her role at Francis Terry and Associates is astonishingly diverse. In fact, it’s her ability to shift seamlessly between unpredictable tasks that makes her so critical. Quietly and diligently making sure all numbers make sense and taking care of everything the business needs to ensure client projects run smoothly as well as the office.

Like everyone else on the team, Jo is a remarkable talent with a pencil. But where others put theirs to work on tracing paper, Jo is always scribbling on the wealth of sticky notes that decorate her desk.

Covering everything from tasks for the day to what’s required for a client project meeting, they’re the mark of someone who is impeccably organised and able to effortlessly handle a workload that can change in a heartbeat.

“I’m not really one for job titles, I would rather call them my hats, they can be changed quickly and easily into lots of types. My biggest area of responsibility is without doubt managing the finance of the office. I’m also the nearest thing Francis has to a PA. Francis has a diary which can change very quickly. He always has these little light bulb moments and I help see them through. ”

Often, tasks come at short notice and with high urgency. Jo’s fluidity means she can switch her focus – and sometimes her way of thinking – in an instant.

“You never know what’s going to happen on a typical day. I start with a good plan of action and guarantee that I’ll only get two of those jobs done, but I like that. I like the fact it’s a good variety. I think the key thing for my job is being able to drop everything and start something fresh at a moment’s notice. I’ve learnt to be organised, making lots of notes and writing everything down. That way, I can just drop it and pick it up again at another stage without losing track of exactly where I am.”

Managing a creative environment, Jo brings her own creativity to FTA – not just in her flair for numbers and her proactive problems solving, but in artistic touches to drawings. But just as even the most exquisite classical architecture depends on certain structural realities, Jo’s most vital contribution is a pragmatic attitude that’s essential to keeping on top of the financial health of the practice.

About Jo Bunch

Office Manager, Francis Terry & Associates

After working with Francis for more than a decade, Jo joined FTA from its formation.

Since then, she has gone to take increasing responsibility for a wide range of office functions, including all financial administration, accounts and procurement.

Project Contribution

  • Back-office support, invoices and expenses, ad-hoc requests, client contact